Design is an integral part of society. Impressions are no doubt important; first impression, often visual, determines your urge to learn and discover. It determines the fate of a potential relationship. Design leads impression by appeal, a form of visual pleasure and sensual desire. What our society is often neglecting is how design can also encourage change, especially changes in experience and lifestyle. Design can in fact lead trends and social consumption. It could and should encourage consumer knowledge, awareness and more importantly, be able to induce cognitive responses and promote intellectual decisions. This choice should be made by you, the consumers, and not producers, who often cloud desires and false contentment for revenue and market share.

The consumer culture is clouded with marketing strategies, false trends and conceptions that hope to exploit your urge to consume. The industry often neglects the need for design itself to solve what it confronts. Products thus, turn into a byproduct of deceit and fraud. Design needs to be a movement of effective and efficient solutions, form and function. This not only involves attending to domestic problems, it should recognize universal concerns, and issues that extend beyond its life cycle. This introduction hopes to convey this thought process in consumption, purchasing need not be an act of slavery. Don’t be fooled by false trends and corporate branding; don’t be blinded by deceit and destruction. Do what is right for your children; buy what is truthful to your needs.

Genesis marks the beginning of a consumer and design blog, hoping to encourage a sustainable, intellectual consumer and design culture in the near future. Lead by example.

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August 30, 2007 · 0 Comments
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