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Isn’t it time to improve the clipboard?

I am certainly not the only one to think so. There should no longer be a need to restrict ourselves to only one item in the clipboard, and though there are a number of third-party applications out there, or even Microsoft Office, that enables a clipboard that is more useful, it would no doubt be best if it was native. It is interesting how even upcoming operating systems neglect the efficiency this easy feature could bring. Here is my take on how it should work.

The traditional method of copy through the keyboard shortcut is by Ctrl+C, this does not change. In order to access the clipboard overlay the user holds Ctrl, and tapping C would cycle through the items, just like using Alt+Tab in cycling through applications. The user selects a clipping slot, overriding previous clippings or into a new clipping, and releasing Ctrl initiates the action. The most recent clipping is moved to the top of the list, so intuitively Ctrl+C will feel and function no different than before. Pasting or cutting performs no different than what is described; holding Ctrl access the clipboard, tapping cycles, and releasing Ctrl initiates.

The clipboard overlay displays the clipped content in an orderly list. The application icon indicates the origin of the clipping, and the content of the clipping is previewed, including images whenever applicable. It may look minimal and feel very intuitive, but no operating system has bothered to improve the clipboard. It is a powerful and productive tool, it should not be neglected.

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April 2, 2009 · 0 Comments
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