Number crunch

“80% of consumers want to buy energy efficient light bulbs; in 2006 only 6% of light bulbs sold were CFL.”

“54% of consumers could not name a company who supplied renewable or “green” energy.”

“80% of Americans are concerned about energy efficiency; only a few turn off their computers at night.”

These are some of the statistics released by a recent EcoPinion survey demonstrating the lack of influence of green branding. In fact it seems that the resonance of green products and services return to global corporations who are often critiqued about their environmental obligations. They are able to provide false resolutions through marketing and corporate branding, so called “greenwashing”. “Consumers largely have a neutral, wait-and-see stance on company commitments and leadership on renewable energy, energy efficiency and the environment.” This merely reflects the fact that, though consumers like you and I are aware and conscious about our green obligations in the shared biosphere, little is often done to withdraw from the capitalist rabbit hole that has engulfed our culture and society. The corporations and the market should cater for the needs of the consumer, rather than pushing irrelevant and tactless branding that deceives our perception of our actual demand. Be invited to share a mutual commitment for our environmental health.

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