What Earth Hour isn’t

Earth hour was a global event, at least one that lasted for about an hour. It was for corporations and people like you and I who have a heart to reduce our environmental debt, but fail so because turning off the light for an hour is all we can do. It was for corporations to embrace propaganda, a credit for backing this cause. It was an environmental publicity stunt. It was a voluntary act of change. What Earth Hour isn’t is to inflict change on those who merely do not believe in a human component in environmental degradation. Those who rather leave the lights on or turn on more lights as a dark parody. It isn’t a permanent reduction in resource demand, let alone a reduction at all. It isn’t a definite solution.

What Earth Hour is however is an event that caused a mere 5 to 10 percent reduction in electric demands throughout the world, for about an hour. It is an event that brought together people and cultures from all over the world for a cause that is of their concern. It is a checkpoint for our society, for people like you and I, to embrace in long term actions to reduce environmental debt. It is a short breath of relief to our environment, and the slightest delay to our environmental collapse. It is an event to question why these acts of interest does not occur as a social norm and under one’s own discretion. It isn’t hard to do.

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