The Apple five

Images updated on March 4, 2009. Revised on October 5, 2008.

“Apple five is the next big thing from Apple. It is a hybrid of all our Mac philosophy: the power and flexibility of the Mac Pro for enthusiasts and professionals, and the form and simplicity of the iMac and the Mac mini for the everyday. It is all packed in a beautiful, elegant, yet minimal form in an industry’s first. Mac OS X and iLife included, starting at just $799. And you choice of side?

In essence Apple five is a hybrid of mobile and desktop technologies people love Apple for. The architecture is inspired and derived from the Mac Pro, smart design enables every component to be interchanged simply and intuitively. This includes the memory modules, 2.5” hard drive, 2 slim-line drive mounts for the optional slot loading Blu-ray drive, and full PCI and PCI-E 2.0 slots. It really is capable of everything, well for a tiny computer anyways.

Apple five is simply the most flexible yet affordable Mac everyone can get their hands on. Just 3 inches wide and 12 inches in depth, you really have more desk-estate than you think, and that’s just the beginning. Powered by the screaming Intel Core 2 Duo, and probably any piece of hardware in the market, it’s really hard for your home, studio, office or anywhere else to resist.

For people like you Apple five is about expanding your world, become not only immersed in Mac OS X and iLife but actually expanding the system to cater for your aspirations, yes even the subconscious ones. You are in absolute control of your hardware, your choice of graphics and displays, your peripherals; anything you want, it can potentially deliver. For us it’s all about offering a perfect system that is tailored for your needs, reaching out and satisfying your demands from Apple, of Apple. Looking for convenience and a hassle free all-in-one? We have the iMac for that.”

This is not an official product of Apple Inc..

1. More Apple concepts available on Flickr.

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