BMW explores the future of mobility

Wherever You Want To Go is a four-part documentary by BMW Documentaries that paints a unique picture of technology, culture, cities, our past, present and how it all relates to the future of mobility.

“If aliens were looking down on Los Angeles, they would come to the conclusion that the dominant life-form is the automobile.”

“One very interesting concept would be vehicles that are shared… you don’t want the insuring part, the maintaining part, the storing part, all these things that aren’t about getting from A to B, we don’t really want those things… it’s not to say these kinds of cars will go away because we all like to travel with our family and do things together with other people. This is not about taking things away from people, it’s about enabling a whole new level of freedom.”

“What we’re really beginning to envision… are three internets, three ways of information. The first one we’ve become all familiar with, that’s the internet of bits, information, and we use it everyday. The second one is right around the corner is what we call the internet of electricity, some people call that the smart grid. But now we’re gonna able to manage our electricity much more intelligently. The third one is what you might call the mobility internet. ”

Cellphone Networks and the Future of Traffic, a related article on Wired that may also be of interest.

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